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Environmental Benefits

Want to help our environment? Recycling helps prevent environmental pollution. It saves natural resources and conserves raw materials used in industry. Recycling reduces the amount of material dumped in landfill sites and helps our waste disposal problems.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

All shredded paper at our warehouse at Pooraka is recycled back into tissue and toilet paper, recycled paper and cardboard, both here in Australia and worldwide.

Why Recycle?

By recycling both office paper and shredded paper at Green Team the amount of tonnage going to land fill is reduced.

As the energy required to pulp virgin wood is a lot greater than that of the paper recycling process: water, electricity and oil consumption is greatly reduced.

At Green Team when we recycle 1 tonne of paper the environment benefits are:

  • 13 trees
  • 4100 kw/h electricity
  • 32,000 litres water
  • 4 cubic meters of land fill
  • 2.5 barrels of oil

Considering all this, the BIG winner in Paper Recycling is our planet.

Your role in Paper Recycling

Save our planet. Initiate a Paper recycling scheme at your home, office or school. Contact Green Team for more information

Green Team Recycling Chart and Statistics